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March 13, 2018

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Dear Parents:
As we conclude another wonderful week at ADAT, I can’t help but marvel over all we accomplish in a week’s time! Inside and outside the classroom doors, Pi Day was celebrated in educational, innovative, and fun ways by our entire student body this past Wednesday. Have you seen the photos on our Facebook page? Take a look, and you’ll see that we took Pi to new heights this year.
While the students were swirling about campus, inside the office and after-hours, we were prepping for the 2018-19 year … by sending out our admissions decisions to all our new applicants for the coming year! Thanks to the efforts of Sarah Schultz, our office staff, teachers, and parent ambassadors, we were able to bring in record numbers of prospective families, interview them, evaluate the children, and finally, we invited those who were a solid match for our school to join our flourishing community. We are so excited to have them join ADAT and add to the strength we have in numbers.
Of course, all of this is in between learning about Passover, some of the leadership team attending a BJE leadership conference, and preparing for our upcoming Annual Day School Celebration on Saturday, April 21. We were able to capture many of your children on video this week, along with faculty, alumni, and staff, for some memorable montages especially for this event. You won’t want to miss it. Invitations will be mailed early next week, but you can register now by clicking here.
Looking forward to the week ahead – I will be at a Leadership Retreat on Monday and Tuesday, but will return to Passover seders and spending the remainder of the week together before Spring Break.
Wishing you a great rest of your weekend,

Inside the Classroom

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In the Community

Invitations to our Annual Celebration honoring Haim Linder will be mailed next week, but you can register now online. Click here to register, then book your babysitter, and get ready to go back to ADAT’s future at this fundraising party!

ADAT Summer Camp

School News and Updates

ADAT News Report – From Student Council

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It’s Still Flu Season – Keep Up the Precautions!

It is flu season, and California is among the states that are reporting a surge in cases of the flu. At school, we are implementing the following procedures:

1- We continue to go over hand washing with students:  Get hands wet, rub in soap for at least 20 seconds (or the time it takes to sing one verse of “Happy Birthday”.) Rub the soap in between fingers and on the backs of hands.  Rinse.  Wipe with paper towel (not on shirt or pants).

2 – Use “Dracula arm” to stop cough germs.

3 – Use a tissue to cover mouth for sneezes or coughs. Throw tissue away immediately.

4 – Use hand sanitizer after covering your mouth with your hand or blowing your nose, or before using a keyboard.

5 – Specialists will give students a squirt of hand sanitizer to rub in before they enter their classroom.  (This is important to prevent the spread of germs from grade to grade.)

6 – Teachers will wipe down classroom door handles with antiseptic wipes in between every teaching block.

7 – Remind students to avoid touching their mouths, noses, or eyes without a tissue.

Teachers whose rooms are closest to bathrooms will wipe down the entrance door handles of the bathrooms periodically.

Families must also participate to minimize the spread of infection.

1 – Keep children home if they are sick.

2 – Keep children home for 24 hours after their fever has gone away without the use of fever reducing medication.

3 – Keep children home for 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting.

4 – If your child complains to us of not feeling well, we will take his/her temperature. If our thermometer registers 99.8 degrees or above, you will be called and expected to pick up your child. The soonest the child can return to school is in 2 days.

We do not wish any child to miss school. These procedures help avoid or minimize the absences of students and staff.

We appreciate the teamwork required to keep children healthy. 

From the Synagogue

Who: The Entire Adat Ari El Community. This is a family friendly event.
What: A musical Shabbat service. Vegetarian/Dairy Picnic to follow. Stay to hang out together after services!
Where: Russell Hall
When: Friday, March 23, 2018
6:00 pm Service
7:00 pm Picnic Dinner
Additional Details
  • A warming oven will be available during services for you to store your picnic meal.
  • Don’t want to bring a picnic? Lasagna Dinner Meals will be available for $9.00 per person, ADVANCE PURCHASE ONLY!
  • We will not be able to accept payment at the event.





Mark your calendars for these important dates:

  • March 23: Spring Break begins today at 3:00 p.m.
  • March 30: Passover Begins
  • April 9: School Resumes


  • Click here for the full calendar.  **If you would like to subscribe to the ADAT calendar click here. On the bottom right corner of the ADAT calendar, click “subscribe” and select your preferred calendar type.


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