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February 20, 2018

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Dear ADAT Parents,

We are back to business as usual this week, while still feeling a tremendous sense of pride for each of our students after last week’s Intergenerational Day performances.

We wanted to remind you that your re-enrollment forms for 2018-2019 are due next week – Friday, March 2. Please note that March 2 is the date that most of our Day School families leave for our annual Shabbaton at Camp Ramah. So please, get started on your re-enrollment contracts soon, as there have been quite a few changes this year and we want to be able to have enough time to help you through the process.Each year, we arrange our enrollment calendar to give preference to our returning families for class placement and for financial assistance. In order for us to do this, you must complete your contract through Parent Locker and submit your deposit by this deadline. After this date, we immediately begin making our admission decisions, and money designated for current families requesting aid is automatically returned to the general pool and is then allocated for new family financial assistance awards. If we do not know your intent to continue at ADAT, your child’s place in class can be forfeited, and/or his/her financial aid award is no longer valid.

Our school has 110 students. Every. Single. Student. Matters. Please do not wait on your friends to make a decision first or think that your commitment to ADAT alone is not enough. It is. Every student that has committed to enrolling allows us to continue to build the best school possible for your children for next year, including hiring the most talented teachers in April – “prime time” for hiring.

There are many other reasons that the March 2 date is important, and we are happy to explain them further if you would like to contact us. In the meantime, please set aside a few minutes this weekend to complete your re-enrollment contract. That will give you the time to ask us any questions that may arise, and will allow us to continue to grow our school for the 2018-19 school year.

Complete Your Re-Enrollment Contract Here

Thank you,

Shara Peters                                      Sarah Schultz
Head of School                                  Director of Admission and Community Relations

Inside the Classroom

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1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade


In The Community

On Wednesday, February 28th we will have an all school Purim Celebration as well as our Purim Carnival.  Please come dressed in costumes to celebrate! No full-face masks or weapons please.

To sign up to volunteer please visit http://signup.com/go/BDqtAQP

To pre-purchase wristbands for unlimited rides or tickets for concessions please visit http://TinyURL.com/AAEPurimTix18

By now, you should have received your save-the-date to our Annual Celebration honoring Haim Linder in the mail! Mark your calendars, book your babysitter, and get ready to go back to ADAT’s future at this amazing fundraising event.

Outside the Classroom

Parent/Teacher Conferences – March 7th and March 12th

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for March 7, 2018 and March 12, 2018. We are using an on-line scheduling service from Ptcfast.com. This system is VERY user friendly.   Just click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your web browser to set up a time for your conference(s).


Select your child’s teacher from the list of teachers. If you have more than one child, select each child’s teacher. Follow the simple instructions on the screen. You will be prompted to add your name and a VALID email address. Next, you will be sent an email verifying your information. Click on the link in the email and you will be directed back to a list of available time slots for your child(ren). Once you have selected and submitted a conference time, you will receive an email confirmation from Ptcfast.com. It is that simple! *Please DO NOT click on the link in the box for returning parents unless you have already registered for conferences for this session.


School News & Updates

It’s Still Flu Season – Keep Up the Precautions!

It is flu season, and California is among the states that are reporting a surge in cases of the flu. At school, we are implementing the following procedures:

1- We continue to go over hand washing with students:  Get hands wet, rub in soap for at least 20 seconds (or the time it takes to sing one verse of “Happy Birthday”.) Rub the soap in between fingers and on the backs of hands.  Rinse.  Wipe with paper towel (not on shirt or pants).

2 – Use “Dracula arm” to stop cough germs.

3 – Use a tissue to cover mouth for sneezes or coughs. Throw tissue away immediately.

4 – Use hand sanitizer after covering your mouth with your hand or blowing your nose, or before using a keyboard.

5 – Specialists will give students a squirt of hand sanitizer to rub in before they enter their classroom.  (This is important to prevent the spread of germs from grade to grade.)

6 – Teachers will wipe down classroom door handles with antiseptic wipes in between every teaching block.

7 – Remind students to avoid touching their mouths, noses, or eyes without a tissue.

Teachers whose rooms are closest to bathrooms will wipe down the entrance door handles of the bathrooms periodically.

Families must also participate to minimize the spread of infection.

1 – Keep children home if they are sick.

2 – Keep children home for 24 hours after their fever has gone away without the use of fever reducing medication.

3 – Keep children home for 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting.

4 – If your child complains to us of not feeling well, we will take his/her temperature. If our thermometer registers 99.8 degrees or above, you will be called and expected to pick up your child. The soonest the child can return to school is in 2 days.

We do not wish any child to miss school. These procedures help avoid or minimize the absences of students and staff.

We appreciate the teamwork required to keep children healthy. 

6th Grader Spotlight – Aviva F.

How long have you been at ADAT?
I have been at ADAT since Kindergarten.

What do you do for fun outside of school?
I like dancing and reading.

What do you like best about ADAT or what makes ADAT so special?
I like the community and that we’re all friends and know each other.

What was your favorite grade at ADAT and why?
My favorite grade was Kindergarten. I liked my teacher and I got to meet new friends.

What will you miss most about ADAT when you move on to Middle School?
I will definitely miss my friends and the teachers.

What is something you learned at ADAT that you think will stay with you in the future?
How to build a sukkah!

What is it about Design Thinking that has helped you learn differently?
Design Thinking helps me go through steps and a process instead of just rushing through a project to get right to the end.

From the Synagogue




Mark your calendars for these important dates:

  • February 28: Purim Celebration – wear costumes to school (no full-face masks or weapons)
  • February 28: Purim Carnival – 3:00 p.m. (Megillah Reading 6:30 p.m.)
  • March 2-4: DS Shabbaton @Camp Ramah
  • March 7: Daytime & Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences – no school
  • March 8: Kadima Lunchtime Lounge Grades 4-6 – 12:30 p.m.
  • March 9: 2nd Grade Shabbat Dinner & Service
  • March 12: Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences


  • Click here for the full calendar.  **If you would like to subscribe to the ADAT calendar click here. On the bottom right corner of the ADAT calendar, click “subscribe” and select your preferred calendar type.





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