What Will You Be Reading This Summer?

Hi Parents,

What are you planning to read this summer?  For my annual summer reading letter, I am addressing you, because you are the ones who set the culture of your children’s summer.  Making it known that you are exploring books, especially choosing that special one for “Summer Reading” sends a positive message about reading to your children. The message is that reading is an enjoyable activity – one that is savored, even more so during breaks and vacations.

If you want suggestions, there are many places to find them. Magazines, such as People and Costco highlight a few books in each issue. Book reviews are available at the LA Times, New York Times, and NPR. If you get a chance, Barnes and Noble bookstores have selections for summer out on tables to whet your literary appetite. (Tip: the B&N store at the Grove validates parking with a purchase.)

Are you an e-book or audiobook reader? Amazon and Audible (an Amazon app with a monthly fee) have innumerable choices. My new go-to ebook/audiobook reader is OverDrive, an app that enables you to borrow books from the public library, for free!  I have it on my phone and am happy to show you how it works.

There is, of course, the public library, an innovation of our country’s founders.  My favorite is the Beverly Hills Library. Residents of Los Angeles can get a Beverly Hills Library card. The interior of the library is beautiful and just walking in makes me feel sophisticated.

This summer, the ADAT Administrative Team members are reading and discussing the book, Radical Candor, while the faculty will be reading The Courage to Teach. My personal choice for summer fiction reading will be The Newlyweds by Nell Freudenberger. Nell was my student when I taught second grade and this is her third novel.  

I am interested in hearing about your summer reading and how you chose your book or books. Bring your children along on your quest for a book and make sure to ask them,  “What are you planning to read this summer?”

Happy reading to all!




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