Welcome Back to School!

September 01, 2017

Dear Parents,

I am thrilled to officially welcome you back to school for the 2017-18 school year … and what an incredible first week it has been! Campus is finally back to how it should be – buzzing with excitement, filled with the sounds of young voices, teachers excited to meet their students and begin anew, and freshly-designed classrooms to spark your children’s curiosity and promote collaboration! We have a wonderful year planned for you and cannot wait to tell you all about it at Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 6. We look forward to seeing you there and to launching the year together with an informative and celebratory evening.

Speaking of celebratory evenings, last week, we held our d.school K12 Lab Network Collaboration Launch Party in the ZDL. With over 60 people from the synagogue, ECC, and of course, Day School, it was so exciting to introduce this new collaboration to our community. Naturally, there was time spent explaining what this collaboration is and what it means for our school. (By the way, it is a collaboration with Stanford University’s d. school, which is the foremost institution in the field of Design Thinking. Their K12 Lab Network brings Design Thinking to schools through professional training and ongoing consulting services, so we are consistently learning from the BEST in this field and sharing that knowledge with our children.)

But, perhaps the best part of the evening was a Design Thinking project that every attendee had the chance to engage in … and they really did! Innovation and excitement was pouring out of the ZDL, and we could not be more proud of this collaboration and of all the attendees who were able to experience Design Thinking and its benefits first-hand. If you were not able to make it, don’t worry, we video recorded the whole event to share with you and you can check out some photos below. Throughout the year, you will also have a chance to hear more from our friends, Ariel and Devin, from the K12 Lab Network.

In the meantime, I want to say, on behalf of the entire administrative team, we are so happy to have you back! We spent much of the summer planning and getting ready for you to be here, and are excited to now share with you all of our plans to make the 17-18 year a truly memorable and successful one!

I hope it was a fantastic first week of school for your children and you!

Shabbat Shalom,


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