Parents in Charge

February 02, 2018

Dear Parents,

It is not news that parents are in charge of their children.  For the moments when our little negotiators cause us to question who is really in charge, we have the sage advice of Dr. Bruce Powell and Lori Getz, M.A. to guide us.

Using the acronym PAVES, Dr. Powell gave parents an easy-to-remember tool for raising ethical children, last Tuesday night.

P – Parental

A –  Actions

V – Values

E – Expectations

S – Supper

Parents in attendance at last Tuesday’s program appreciated Dr. Powell’s deep understanding of the challenges parents face in today’s world. He confirmed that parents can and should say, no, when it is warranted. He cautioned parents to be aware that children will mimic their actions and will absorb the values clearly displayed in the family. Children wish for and respond to parental expectations, so parents should take the time to think about the goals they assume for them and examine the priorities that are emphasized. Lastly, Dr. Powell sited research proving the benefits of family supper (without devices) in raising successful adults.

In October, Lori Getz reminded parents that the cyber world children join requires strict oversight.  “Letting your child be on the world wide web without supervision is like letting them walk out of the house to go anywhere they want by themselves,” she admonishes. We shouldn’t be misled by children’s apparent skill in navigating the internet by equating it with an understanding of its complexities and risks.

We, at ADAT, relish the opportunity to support parents in their challenging endeavors. By bringing distinguished speakers and being available to reassure and guide families, we get to be a part of the village that makes ethical, knowledgeable, strong grown-up people.



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