Our Visit to the d.school

Dear Parents,

Last week, our 6th graders visited Stanford University’s d.school K12 Lab. This is the lab that our beautiful Zebrack Design Lab was modeled after. There, our students met up with our d.school partners, Ariel Raz and Devon Young, who led them through a design challenge and asked them to define the following design thinking terms: “Empathy,” “prototype,” “iteration” and “process.”

The following is what our students said in response:

Empathy is thinking about other people and their emotions. It is seeing things from a different perspective.”

“A prototype is like a beta version, a model, or a first draft.”

Iteration means doing something again. It is how you find success.”

“A process is when you have to follow steps and as you finish each step, your idea becomes more and more complex.”

“You have to go through multiple steps and stages in your process to see what works and what doesn’t.”

Ariel and Devon shared that seeing our students “embrace design thinking during their time at the d.school was incredible – their bias toward action, their willingness to fail and try again, and their focus on human-centered design came through. [They] left the session feeling doubly inspired to return to Adat Ari El later this month!”

It was so gratifying to see our 6th graders embody that which we hope to instill in all of our students in their own words and in a new environment. I cannot wait to see their final work at ADAT showcased at open house!

Shabbat Shalom,


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