It’s Cheesy, But We Love Shavuot

June 02, 2017

Shavuot needs a new PR agent! This is THE holiday when we celebrate receiving the Torah from Mount Sinai.  We received our central text – our history, our laws … what could be more important?  Shavuot is also one of the Shlosha Regalim, the three pilgrimage festivals, when we brought our first fruits (bikkurim) to the Temple to show our gratitude for things growing as they are supposed to. This is a two-day Chag that includes synagogue, Hallel, and yummy dairy foods that do not work well with most Jewish stomachs!

Why is it that most Jews don’t make a big deal of this important holiday in our tradition? Is it the time of year – always late May to early June?  Does it get lost between celebrations of mothers and fathers and start of summer BBQs and pool parties? I will always wonder as any chance to celebrate with blintzes and cheesecake sounds like it would be wildly popular!

Here in our Day School, each class worked on a specific component of holiday learning – names of the holiday, customs, and references in Torah and Rabbinic texts.  Then some classes either participated in an art project or cooking project.  At the end of the day we all got our dairy on.

In honor of Shavuot and our dedication to community, we are asking parents to complete this Shabbat survey. We welcome your thoughts, feedback, and enthusiastic ideas for new “Friendly Shabbat” programming! The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

A special Shabbat Shalom at this special time of year,

Jodi Lasker
Director of Jewish Life & Learning