Support Jewish Education for Today and Tomorrow

waystogive2waystogive_2waystogiveJewish day school education is one of the most effective means of transmitting our heritage and traditions to our next generation of Jewish children.  An endowment fund supporting our Day School can help make this happen and can also make a significant difference in the lives of our students, and their families.

An endowment fund is an investment account that only disperses a percentage each year.  So a large endowment can fund programs, keep tuition in check and improve the education of the students in our Day School.

If endowment funds are such a great idea, why don’t more schools have them?

Most schools are too busy teaching students, admitting news ones and helping families to have the time to organize an endowment campaign.

Endowment campaigns raise funds to be used in the future.  Many schools need to raise funds for the here and now.  So, although they are a great idea, most schools don’t have the time, focus, or expertise to organize an endowment campaign.

The Generations LA Program

The Trana and Ronald Labowe Family Day School of Adat Ari El was chosen to participate in Generations LA, a collaborative effort to build day school endowments.  We now have the expertise and emphasis to build an endowment fund.

Generations LA Program Benefits

Our school staff and lay leaders are provided with specialized coaching.

Our staff and lay leadership are invited to meetings and seminars to discuss school activities and learn about new development techniques.

We receive an additional one-to-four match from the Simha and Sara Lainer Day School Endowment Fund Matching Program.

You Can Make A Difference

Please consider supporting our Trana and Ronald Labowe Family Day School via the Generations LA program and see your gift support the Jewish education of young students today and tomorrow.

Giving Opportunities Include
Outright Gifts
  • Cash and Stock
    Tax deductible gifts of cash or stock paid all at once or over a few years.  These gifts benefit our Day School now.
Deferred Gifts
  • Planned Giving
  • Bequests
    Remember our Day School in your will, trust or estate plan.
  • Life Insurance Policy
    Make our Day School the owner of a life insurance policy and enjoy the tax benefits.
Charitable Remainder Trusts

Reduce your tax liability.  Establish a charitable remainder trust to transfer appreciated real estate to our Day School.

Please join us in supporting Jewish Education and contact Jerry Krautman, Director of Development, at 818-766-9426, extension 257, or via email at JKrautman@adatariel.org.

We recommend consulting your legal and financial advisors when considering planned giving options.