Chanukah – A Dedication to Gratitude

December 15, 2017

Chag Simcha who la’am nes gadol haya sham…”  We could say that this Chanukah, a great miracle happened there – while our Shabbaton needed to be postponed, our Camp Ramah was not harmed.  Although this is true, it does not reflect the terrible damage so many areas around us have sustained.  

Chanukah means dedication. Let us dedicate our week of this holiday to gratitude:

  1. For the many first responders (firefighters and police) who work tirelessly to protect us and keep us safe.  They have worked for 1-2 weeks already and will continue for at least another week.

  2.  For our teachers and parents who keep us safe, calm us down, and reassure us when we worry.

  3. For the tremendous luck we had with the Camp Ramah calendar that March 2-4 is available for us to reschedule (families who had not already registered may do so until February 2)!

  4.  For the sufganiyot we enjoyed Tuesday at the end of school.

  5.  For our tradition that offers us so many opportunities to celebrate – as we did Wednesday evening (12/13) with all of our schools together on campus.

  6.  For the Chanukah singing we did in Hebrew and Judaics Thursday for the Chag.

  7.  For the PJ spirit day student council planned with a dreidel-spinning contest today.

  8. For the fun and relaxation we get to enjoy with our families during two weeks of winter break.

What else can we celebrate?  To what can we dedicate ourselves?  For what else can we show gratitude?

Wishing you a safe and wonderful winter break!

Chag Orim Sameach,


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