cre·a·tiv·i·ty [kree-ey-tiv-i-tee]


  1. a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is shaped
  2. the ability to make meaningful works, including paintings, sculpture, literature, film, performance, inventions, and more
  3. the process by which a person produces something original

Hands-on art experiences talk to children in their language, and give them an avenue to express themselves in a way that is uniquely personal—and fun.

Study after study has linked arts education to improved problem-solving skills and increased self-confidence. Art helps children to learn and remember, as they absorb naturally through their emotions, their senses, and their experiences. By encouraging creativity through artistic expression, our programs help promote creativity in general, allowing students to internalize the importance of good work habits, craftsmanship, and the responsibility that accompanies the use of equipment and materials—skills that can be translated across all subjects and all media.

Visual Arts

Across all grade levels, in both general and Judaic studies, the making of art is an integral part of life at Adat. A multitude of art projects add to the beauty of the celebration of Jewish festivals and the fulfillment of mitzvot, as well as to secular subjects curriculum-wide. In addition, through the study of Art History and Art Heritage, our students explore various art movements, artists, and world cultures, and learn how social, political, economic, and technological events have influenced the development of artistic styles.


Music touches many corners of Adat, where students are exposed to the melodies of Western classical tradition, American folk, Jewish, Yiddish, Ladino, Sephardic, and Hassidic music, and the music of various cultures. Guided by our music specialist, using a wide variety of instruments, students start with singing, chanting, clapping, and dancing through improvisation and games. Then they advance to performing, reading, and even writing music. Fifth graders enjoy our “Beat the Odds” percussion program, and sixth graders learn to play the guitar. All students at Adat develop listening skills and learn a wide repertoire of songs.


A dance specialist instructs students in body movement, folk dancing, and creative rhythm expression, and the entire school performs at our Intergenerational Day.

Film Academy

The ability to create and express oneself through audio-visual media has become an indispensable communication skill in the modern world, on par with the ability to write. In our program, students produce their own movies using all the latest hardware and software, and learn the art of storytelling by getting immersed in every aspect of film production, from scriptwriting to casting to filming and the final editing process—culminating in an awesome Annual Adat Film Festival! The class is taught by Jodi Binstock, winner of the coveted Disney Directing Fellowship and co-executive producer of Showtime’s Emmy nominated series “Web Therapy.”