in·teg·ri·ty [inˈtegritē]
  1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness
  1. the state of being integrated, i.e. whole and undivided
Tikkun Olam

For Adat students, Tikkun Olam—repairing the world—is not just a beautiful idea, it’s an initiative for action, woven into the fabric of daily life.

At every grade and every level, we weave Jewish values to concrete goals and activities:
  • Learning about current world events
  • Weekly Tzedakah Collection
  • Making posters and spreading the word about world problems
  • Organizing events to raise money for victims of natural disasters
  • Caring for animals and the environment
  • Caring for the elderly and the needy
  • Visiting consciousness-raising places such as the Library for the Blind and the San Fernando Mission
  • Volunteering for organizations such as Heal the Bay and SOVA
  • Collecting money to purchase Solar Cookers for women of Darfur
  • Weekly Student Council meetings to discuss projects and needs; then publicize and execute school-wide response

Adat kids don’t just talk about how they can help those less fortunate and make the world a better place, they go out there and do it.

Jewish Values for Life

Our goal is for our students to internalize and implement Jewish values in all aspects of their lives. Every other month, a new value is presented by the Director of Judaic Studies for the entire school to explore.

Some recent monthly values have included:
  • Kibbud Av Va’eym, (honoring our parents)
  • Hakarat Hatov (appreciation)
  • Shmirat Halashon (guarding our speech)
  • Bikkur Holim (visiting the sick)
Anti-bullying Program

Our anti-bullying strategies put the adults in the lead, to support children as they learn how to treat others and understand their right to be treated with respect. Our “Beat the Odds” drumming program for fifth graders helps students learn social and emotional development delivered in a framework of drumming. Students are put in a situation where everyone is on equal footing–no child has more or less power than anyone else—and they learn the essentials of mutual respect. Our entire staff also studies Caltha Crowe’s How To Bullyproof Your Classroom and implements strategies to create classrooms in which bullying and meanness diminishes and kindness flourishes.