academics_servicelearningwis·dom [wiz-duhm]
  1. knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment
  2. discernment; insight
  3. scholarly learning; sayings or teachings

An Adat education is unique because it seamlessly integrates general and Judaic social studies, helping our children explore what people do and why they do what they do, at every level: family, school, community, city, state, nation, and world.

Moreover, our social studies program encourages students to understand the similarities and differences of individuals and respect their rights, regardless of culture, social class, gender, family structure, religion, age, disability, nationality, or race.

Whether learning about the environment, Sephardic Jewry, U.S. geography, native North Americans, ancient Greece, the Revolutionary War, the Holocaust, early Man, or modern Jerusalem, our children develop critical thinking skills and see the world from a variety of vantage points, in order to become better citizens — and better Jews.