academics_language_artslanguageArts2knowl·edge [nol-ij]
  1. facts, information, and skills acquired by a person
  2. awareness or familiarity gained by experience

At Adat, our strong reading and language arts programs provide powerful goals and objectives for each grade level, while allowing students to progress according to their individual abilities. From fundamental phonics through critical thinking and comprehension skills, our students gain mastery in written and oral communication. Regular fields of study include handwriting, spelling, grammar and usage, written composition, vocabulary, receptive and expressive language, reference skills, novel reading, and more. We also foster a deep love of reading for pleasure, as students learn to recognize genre, plot, characterization, setting, symbolism, imagery, themes, and word usage in many different genres, including drama and poetry.

Some important elements of our reading program are:
  • Developing phonemic awareness in kindergarten
  • Presenting letters, sounds, and reading skills in a variety of modes for the primary grades, especially kindergarten
  • Reading, writing, phonics, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary for the primary grades
  • Emphasis on the writing process, used appropriately at each grade level
  • Exposure to various genres for students at every level
  • Literature-based reading discussion groups in the upper grades, where students use contextual clues for word study and examine different literary elements
  • The use of a multi-text program throughout the grades, allowing students to experience genres, author styles, and abstract thinking skills from a variety of rich literature, as well as to receive words and concepts that are revisited in a sequential manner from a reader
  • Extensive nonfiction reading included throughout the grades
  • Reading and writing integrated with social studies, adding a layer of meaning and opportunity for deeper learning
  • Book fairs and book events that encourage parent participation and elevate reading to a celebratory status