academics_judaicacademics_judaic_2From Hebrew to holidays, Torah to Tefillah, our school provides a rich real-time Jewish experience for every student. Whether exploring culture and tradition, learning about Israel and Jewish history, or developing a personal relationship with God, our students develop a deep understanding of what it means to be a Jew.

Ultimately, however, Judaism is not just about religious practices or even Jewish history. At Adat, it’s about Jewish living: the active integration of personal ethics, moral behavior, manners, family relationships, and social responsibilities into our students’ day-to-day lives.

  • Starting in kindergarten, the goal is to develop a love of God, understand the importance of mitzvot, and learn to be active participants in the Jewish community and the community at large
  • Students develop their language skills by learning and becoming more proficient in Hebrew language
  • Students are encouraged to find modern relevance in the ancient text and apply them to everyday life
  • Develop strong critical thinking skills
  • Foster a connection to Israel and the Jewish people
  • Many of the Judaic studies units are integrated with general studies
Special features include:
  • Minyan
  • Oneg Shabbat
  • Bible studies
  • Rabbi storytelling and discussion
  • Celebrating Jewish holidays and traditions with experiential and engaging activities
  • Judaic Arts and Crafts
  • Jewish Music and Dance
  • Shabbat Under the Stars
  • Global Jewish Learning Day: studying the same topic as the Jewish community around the world