guide [gahyd]
  1. a person who leads or directs others on a journey
  2. a person who shows and explains the interesting things in a place
  3. a person who helps to direct another person’s life, growth, etc.


Jonathan Abelson


B.A.– Sociology, University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA; DeLeT Fellowship – Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, Los Angeles, CA; California Multiple Subject K-8 Credential, Jewish Day School Teaching Certificate, California Single Subject – Foundational Science
What I love about ADAT is the students’ genuine curiosity and desire to explore the world from both a Judaic and scientific viewpoint. Students are genuinely enthusiastic to learn and to act as menches in the process. 


Cantor Judy Dubin Aranoff

Minyan Coordinator

B.A. – Psychology, UCLA, Teaching Credential, UCLA; M.A. – Music, UCLA
I love teaching music through singing, by playing an instrument, by discussing what we hear, and by reciting a prayer. I enjoy encouraging the students to raise their voices in song, and to express themselves artistically through music.


Eric Chafetz

3rd and 4th Grade Judaic Studies

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Linda de Jong

Learning Support Specialist

B.A. – Special Education, University of Michigan; M.Ed. – Special Education for Emotionally Disturbed, University of Pittsburg
Teaching allows me to combine my love of children with my desire to watch them grow educationally and emotionally. Teaching at Adat provides an atmosphere that cultivates growth and exploration in a moral and spiritual way.


Hava Gabay

Hebrew Subject Head (Rosh Ivrit)

B.A. – Political Science/Sociology, Bar Ilan University; M.A. – Special Education, Haifa University
I love Adat because of the openness to the world of academic and technological development.


Amy George

3rd Grade Teacher

B.A. – Education, University of Michigan; California Multi-Subject Credential

I love the warm, supportive, nurturing environment at ADAT that allows us to foster a love of learning in our students, as well as help mold the next generation of good global citizens.



Caren Gitlin

Learning Support Specialist

B.A. – Education, UCLA; Life Credential K-8, UCLA; M.A. – Education, UCLA; Certificate in Educational Therapy, UCLA; Board Certification – Association of Educational Therapists
I love Adat because, in addition to providing an excellent education, it is a true community that embraces and nurtures all who are a part of it.


Jade Goldstein

1st Grade General Studies

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Debra Joyal

1st Grade Assistant Teacher

I have always had a strong passion and desire to work with children. I love watching them satisfy their natural curiosity and inquisitiveness through exploration and interaction.


Mimi Kablon


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Audrey Kalman

Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

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Rivka Kaspi

Hebrew Lab Assistant


Jennifer Kviatkovsky

4th Grade Assistant Teacher

I love Adat because I love watching the kids grow into mensches.


Jodi Lasker

Director of Judaic Life and Learning

 B.A. – Sociology, UCSB; M.A.Ed. –  University of Judaism; MBA in Not for Profit Orgs – University of Judaism

I am grateful to Adat Ari Day School and my parents for working together many years ago to raise me with values, knowledge, and a sense of the overlap of home and shul. I am honored to have the opportunity to help shape the vision and reality for this generation of ADAT families. 


Haim Linder

Coordinator of Health and Wellness

Wingate College for P.E. Teachers and Coaches – Israel; Milken Distinguished Educator 1995; B.A.- Adaptive Physical Education, CSUN.; M.A. – Adaptive Physical Education, CSUN; Special Education Credential – Physical Education, CSUN


Sivan Louria

Teaching Assistant

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Chelsea Manos

1st Grade General Studies Teacher

B.A. – Elementary Education K-8; M.A. – Curriculum and Instruction;

I love ADAT because of the love of Judaism here. The community has an amazing feeling of family and support! 


Ariella Nae

Kindergarten - Assistant Teacher

Coming soon 


Adena Opos

3rd Grade Assistant Teacher


Mali Polus

1st/2nd Grade Judaic Studies Teacher

Child Development Teaching Certificate; Jewish Studies, Valley College
A famous quote stated that: “Only mushrooms and fears grow in the dark.” The students of Adat grow in the light of curiosity, challenges, experiences, technology, friendships, and values of Judaism, Bible, and love for Israel. That’s why I love Adat.


Amit Raben

5th Grade General Studies Teacher

B. A. – Philosophy, York University Graduate of DELET Program, Hebrew Union College
I love Adat, because the learning is hands-on, interactive, and fun!


Annemarie Raizman

Language Arts Subject Head/4th Grade General Studies Teacher

B.A. – Liberal Studies, CSUN; M.A. – Education, UCLA; Multiple Subject Credential, UCLA; Supplemental Credential in Mathematics, UCLA
I love Adat because we are a family. I love Adat because we are open to new ideas.


Gillian Rassiner

TK General and Judaic Studies Teacher

 B.A. – Education, Specialized in pre-elementary education, Barkly House Teachers’ College in Cape Town, South Africa

I love being a part of the Adat Community, knowing that I have the potential to make a difference in the lives of young children


Daniel Shiriwastaw

Technology Specialist

B.A. – 3D Computer Animation, Cal State University, Northridge; M.A. – Video Game Design, Academy of Art University

I love teaching technology at ADAT because of the immense sense of community that is fostered here at the school.  Helping students learn new skills, troubleshoot problems, and come up with innovative solutions reminds me of the wonder I felt as a child when it came to technology, and it brings me great joy to be able to facilitate that experience for them.

Robin Solomon

Kindergarten - Judaic Studies Teacher; Los Angeles/Tel Aviv Partnership Coordinator

B.A. – Judaic Studies University of Maryland
I love that, in addition to Adat providing a good education (both general and Judaic) for students, it provides a loving and secure environment! Adat teachers care about the students, families, and fellow staff members!

Jonathan Wise

Social Studies Subject Head/6th Grade General Studies Teacher

B.A. – History, UCLA
M.A. – History, CSUN
I love working with children and having the opportunity to positively influence their growth. My favorite parts of teaching are getting to know the students, helping them embrace who they are, and planning lessons that engage them using multiple learning styles.