about_adat_philosophyem·pow·er [emˈpou(-ə)r]
  1. give someone the power to do something
  2. make someone stronger and more confident
Adat is dedicated to:
  • Creating an environment in which the Jewish and secular lives of our students are deeply integrated; an environment where every child can grow as a person.
  • Creating self-motivated, life-long learners, through a multifaceted, active curriculum that taps each child’s potential, no matter what their level.
  • Instilling the security and pride that gives young people a real foundation for life.

For more than 36 years, hundreds of students have graduated from our school and gone on to attend prestigious, competitive middle and high school programs, and top universities.

Even more importantly, they’ve carried the joy of learning and leadership into adulthood.

The Power of Personal Attention

When children are excited to learn, the sky is the limit. Here at Adat, we bring together the elements to make that possible: exceptional teachers who are passionate about showing the way, a wide variety of tools and technologies, and a warm, loving community that integrates secular smarts and Jewish wisdom.  Our mission is to instill the joy of learning and the confidence to lead.

Our school is equipped with all the best modern gadgets—but we don’t rely on them. In order to give our children the right kind of start, we offer personal attention and a multifaceted skills-based approach. That means that every child, no matter what his or her level or interests, will learn how to think deeply, work hard, and explore courageously.

admission_tuitionThe Power of Good Values

At Adat, we know that excellence in academics and athletics isn’t enough. Just as important is teaching our children good interpersonal communication skills, respect for themselves, respect for each other, and respect for their world. Whether celebrating Jewish holidays and exploring traditions, gardening together, learning about nutrition, or playing together, the spirit of tikkun olam is at the forefront of our mission.

Our children want to make the world a better place. At Adat, they learn how.

The Power of True Community

With smaller class sizes, and a highly skilled, dedicated faculty that encourages open communication with parents, Adat fosters a team approach to every child. We get to know every student, to better offer them individual, flexible, and dynamic encouragement and support.

With the inspiration to reach excellence, and open and compassionate communication, every child can become the best person they can be—in academics and in life.

Adat is much more than a day school. We’re a vibrant community, teeming with exciting programs and activities. Our classrooms are small, allowing our passionate, dedicated staff to give each child the personal attention they deserve. And our multifaceted, skills-based approach to learning helps every child reach their potential. That’s why our students go on to flourish at the most competitive high schools and universities in the country.


The Adat Ari El Labowe Family Day School is accredited by the Solomon Schechter Association, the Builders of Jewish Education (BJE), the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).