What’s News at ADAT This Week – 2.22.16

February 17, 2016

Head of School Blog

Be Original, Be ADAT

At ADAT Day School, one of the qualities we are trying to foster in our students is creativity and originality. You will see this begin to blossom even more in our students as they continue their exploration of the Zebrack Design Lab and get entrenched in the Design Thinking curriculum.

The Design Thinking process is rooted in the idea that those who follow it will come up with some of the most innovative, original, and creative solutions to some of the world’s most perplexing problems. The process, though, can also be applied to less dramatic issues, but those still requiring thoughtful problem solving skills yielding a variety of solutions.

In a recent New York Times article about raising children with creativity, the author explores where creativity is more likely to be found, how to nurture it, and how to not stand in its way. Some of the highlights from the article include:

  • ·      It’s okay to pursue excellence and success, but it’s necessary to also find joy in work
  • ·      Limit the number of rules, as that helps children think for themselves and develop their own moral code
  • ·      Give children the freedom to find their own interests and discover their own set of values
  • ·      Creative contributions relied on the breadth of exposure to a variety of interests, not just one sport or activity
  • ·      Allow children to explore their passions and curiosity

I found this article very interesting in light of our Design Lab and the Design Thinking process, which helps to cultivate students’ creativity and prepare them for our 21st century world. Read the article and see if there are ways you can nourish your child’s creativity at home, as well. Together, we can help encourage our students to be original – to be ADAT.



Important Calendar Updates

ERB week for students in grades 3 – 6 will be May 23, 2016 – May 26, 2016. All testing will be in the morning. The Maccabea Games will be May 27, 2016.

Inside the Classroom


Cowabunga! Kindergarteners are learning about the cool Letter C. Our class cracks up every time we read the book, Crazy Colored Creatures. In math, the children enjoyed being Calculator Cooks when the baked construction paper cookies and counted chocolate chips.


1st Grade 

Getting ready for the 100th day of school!

1st Grade 1 1st Grade 2 1st Grade 3

First graders are celebrating the letter lamed with ice cream – Glida.

1st Grade Ice Cream

2nd Grade 

Second graders are learning about different units of measurement. This week they measured using meter ropes.

2nd Grade 2 2nd Grade 1

3rd Grade

The third grade took full advantage of the ZDL to continue to make creations to help “Grandpa” get around in “The War with Grandpa.”  They have begun to transition between printing and writing in cursive.  They are hard at work on their demonstration lessons, and plan to present them next week.  Having to think in “steps” has been a challenge that they have all embraced.  (Plus, they are all looking forward to being the teacher for a time!!)

3rd Grade 1 3rd Grade 2

4th Grade

4th graders are gearing up for their trip to Sacramento next week. They are learning about the three branches of state government, our current California government officials, and how a bill becomes a law. With all of this newfound knowledge they will be ready to impress at our state’s capitol!

5th and 6th Grade

The sixth grade students taught their classmates about their field of expertise in ancient Egypt.

6th Grade 1 6th Grade 2 6th Grade 3JPG

Around Campus

Want to learn a little bit more about Design Thinking? Take a look at our new video highlighting this incredible philosophy of education at ADAT!

In the Community

Parent Place Wendy Campbell March 3_2

Mah Jongg

From the Synagogue

Rosh Hodesh Adar II Flyer

Nranena March

Mishpacha March 2016

Important Dates

Mark your calendars for these important dates:

  • March 16: Parent Teacher Conferences – Day and Evening
  • March 21: Evening Parent Conferences

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