Open House: One of the Greatest Nights of the School Year

Dear Parents:

Open House is one of my favorite nights on the school calendar. For me, our other administrators, and our teachers, there is so much joy in being able to show you the fruits of a year’s worth of your children’s hard work. And, what incredible work it was – projects, writings, new inventions, strings and guitar performances, and artwork overflowing with creativity, collaboration, knowledge, challenges, and subsequent growth. We are so proud of our students and all they have accomplished, and with that, we are ready to start closing the 2017-18 school year.

On behalf of the administrative team, I want to offer an extra special “thank you” to our incredible teachers. We are blessed to have a faculty that cares so deeply about our students’ learning, and their creativity and passion was evident in each and every classroom. In a thank you note to our faculty, Ms. Q said it beautifully: “I have spent my year continuously impressed by your tenacity, your love for your work, and (most importantly) your love for our students! Last night was no exception.” Kol Hakavod to all of our faculty and staff for their dedication and commitment to our students’ learning all year long and for a beautiful showcase of it last night.

Thank you, parents, for joining us last night and for taking such an active role in your children’s education. We are continuously grateful for your partnership and look forward to finishing the year off next week with a celebration of our 6th graders. For everyone else, we are excited to continue this amazing journey with you next year, welcoming new Day School community members with open arms.

Shabbat Shalom,


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